Most Asked HVAC Questions and Answers From our Experts

Question: Why is my heat pump iced up?

Answer: Heat pumps can ice up during the winter time. It is normal for the entire coil to be covered in a white frost, even light ice, during cold weather. However, it is not normal for the entire unit to be encased in ice; including the top of the unit and the insides of the coil, for an extended period of time. Heavy ice indicates a problem that should be addressed quickly to save energy and avoid serious damage. Heat pumps will naturally ice up in the winter but will periodically go into a defrost cycle to de-ice the coil. This keeps the unit running efficiently.

Question: Why is there smoke coming from my outdoor unit?

Answer: It is common to mistake the plume of water vapor for smoke. This is actually your heat pump running in the “Defrost Mode” and occurs regularly. The outdoor coil tends to frost or ice up during the winter – especially in moist conditions, causing a loss of efficiency. By regularly defrosting itself, there is proper airflow and better efficiently.

Question: My furnace makes a clicking noise every time it comes on. Is that normal?

Answer: The clicking sound is likely the spark igniter on the furnace going through its sequence to light the furnace burners. This is normal. However, if you do experience louder and more frequent noises from your heating system you should contact us for an evaluation.

Question: Why are humidifiers used in the heating season?

Answer: Cool, outdoor air dries out as it warms up your home. This also increases the static electricity and causes sinus problems. Adding a humidifier will increase moisture in the air and limit sinus issues.

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