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Keeping Your Furnace Evaporator Coil Clean

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As we enter the January and February months in Lexington Kentucky, we’re known for having some cold temperatures during this time; and because GreenBox HVAC wants you to have the most comfortable air possible circulating throughout your home, we have some information that will help keep your home warm and cozy during Kentucky’s bitterly cold winter months.

As one of the hardest working appliances in your house, the HVAC unit works by adding and removing heat from the air being forced throughout your house. In the winter, heat is added to the air, and in the summer, it’s removed. While there’s a lot more technical info that goes into this process, this is the basic procedure when it comes to keeping your house comfortable throughout the year.

Clean Coils Reduce The Stress on Your HVAC Unit

Because the air from either the warm or cool setting–passes over coils and condensers as it enters your home’s air ventilation system, it is important that these features of your home’s comfort system remain clean. Not only does clean coils and condensers ensure the unit’s efficiency level, but the harder the HVAC/furnace system has to work to force the air through your house, the higher your utility bills will be. In addition, it also increases your home’s overall air quality, which is important when it comes to comfort and health.

Dirty Furnace Coils Can Impact the Health of Your Air

As with all things regarding the circulation of air throughout your home, one overlooked factor is the cleanliness of the passages the forced air is traveling. A dusty furnace coil means not only is the unit working harder, but it also means the quality of your air isn’t as high, thanks to the dust attached to the circulating air. Furthermore, as pointed out by the San Francisco Gate homeguide, furnace coils can be a breeding ground for mold, thanks to the moisture being produced while the unit is being used in warmer months to cool the air. A buildup of mold in your furnace’s evaporator coil can also impact efficiency and air quality because your unit will have to work harder to circulate the air, and some of the molds will also be released into the air that’s pushed into your home. Neither option is a good one.

GreenBox Heating and Air: Clean Coil Experts!

When it comes to keeping these parts clean, it is suggested for consumers to seek a professional for this service. At GreenBox Heating and Air, we have the tools and the talent to take care of even the most stubborn air coil system. We offer UV technology that keeps your unit’s air coils free of debris, ensuring the efficiency level of your HVAC unit performs at a high level. If your furnace evaporator coil is not performing as desired, visit our scheduling page for more information!

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