Water Softener Solutions For Home

Water Softener Solutions For Home

Water Softener Solutions For Your Home

Do you or your family struggle with rough, itchy, and dry skin issues?

Are your electric bills trending higher than normal?

Does your hair look dull and lifeless?

Are your clothes stiff and scratchy?

Are you going through items such as, dish soap, laundry detergent, body soap, shampoo, and conditioner quicker?

Are your pipes clogging, draining slower, and noticing more scale?

If you answered yes to any of these, now is the perfect time to look into the incredible and cost effective benefits of a water softener system for your home. At Greenbox Heating and Air, we proudly offer the NOVO line of Water Conditioning Products. Water softeners have been proven to help with skin softening, reducing scale in pipes, and lowering water heating costs by up to 30%.

There are four levels for rating hard water which measures dissolved minerals such as calcium and magnesium in grain per gallon increments. The gpg measurements range from slightly hard (<3gpg) to very hard (>14gpg). Therefore, checking your local water quality measurements through organizations such as (https://www.wqa.org/wqrf) , Water Quality Research Foundation Studies helps consumers to decide exactly what type of water softener would work best for their home.

Using water softeners works in many ways to prolong the lifespan of appliances, water heaters and other appliances which are water-based. One of the major benefits of using these tools is the extended life of your pipes, faucets and showerheads. In addition, perhaps one of the most compelling reasons to invest in water softener systems is the potential for up to a 30% reduction in costs. The savings of energy costs and future repairs to your pipes is a sound and valuable investment for homeowners.

There are different systems available to the consumer such as specialty softeners which remove specific minerals such as iron, manganese, and tannins. For the budget conscious consumer, there are economy systems created to provide higher efficiency and reliable performance and come with both, a 5 year Control Valve and 10 year Pressure Tank Warranties. Two tank systems such as the NOVO- HTO Water Refiner and Dual Pass Softener systems offer even greater energy-efficiency, resulting in higher money savings for the consumer in the long term.

As the uncertainty of water quality rises throughout the country, it is comforting to know that there are top notch and affordable options available to concerned customers. Give us a call at Greenbox today and we will be happy to set up a consultation for an in-home estimate to improve the water quality for you and your family!