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Heat pump unit installed outside of a homeHeat pumps are a popular heating and cooling option for homeowners in Kentucky. While they’re incredibly durable, problems may still come up occasionally. If your heat pump is malfunctioning, don’t panic. You can rely on GreenBox Heating & Air for speedy and reliable heat pump repair services.

We’ve provided homeowners with the necessary HVAC repairs for over 10 years. You’ll be impressed by our prompt, reliable team.

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Signs You Need Heat Pump Repair

When your heat pump isn’t working correctly, don’t wait to get help. You could end up with a bigger, costlier problem if you do. Reach out to our team for heat pump repair services if you notice:

  • Poor airflow: You may need to replace your air filters, or something could be wrong with your blower fans.
  • Slow heating or cooling: If your heat pump takes ages to reach to correct temperature, you may need more refrigerant.
  • Incorrect temperatures: If the temperature in your home doesn’t match the thermostat, there may be an issue with the electrical components.
  • Short-cycling: Heat pumps that turn on and off frequently may have loose electrical connections.

Call (859) 278-0281 today to schedule emergency heat pump repair in Nicholasville, Versailles, or Lexington, KY.

Expert Heat Pump Repair

You can count on our HVAC contractors to handle any heat pump issues. Our team is experienced and highly trained, so you can rest assured that they’ll figure out what’s causing your HVAC problems quickly. Once your HVAC technician pinpoints the issue, they’ll perform a lasting repair. You’ll have heated or cooled air throughout your home again in no time.

Contact GreenBox Heating & Air online or call (859) 278-0281 to schedule heat pump repair services in Versailles, KY.

Why Choose GreenBox Heating & Air?

When you need speedy heat pump repair services, look no further than GreenBox Heating & Air for help. We’re a local HVAC company committed to keeping our community’s homeowners comfortable year-round. Our qualified HVAC technicians can work on all makes and models of heat pumps. Plus, we offer upfront pricing, so you won’t be surprised when it’s time to pay the bill.

If you need heat pump repair services in Nicholasville, KY, contact GreenBox Heating & Air online or call (859) 278-0281 now to make an appointment.

Heat Pump FAQs

How do you reset a heat pump?

To reset a heat pump, find the reset button or power switch on the unit and press or flip it. You may need to look at your manufacturer manual to find out where the switch or button is and if there are two (one indoors and one outdoors).

Why is my heat pump blowing cold air?

If your heat pump is blowing cold air, it may be due to low refrigerant or an issue with the reversing valve. A local HVAC technician can determine what’s causing the problem and repair it.

How long does a heat pump last?

Heat pumps are durable, long-lasting HVAC systems. Most heat pumps will last up to 15 years with routine maintenance.

Why GreenBox?

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Craftsmanship Guaranteed
Craftsmanship Guaranteed

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24/7 Emergency Service
24/7 Emergency Service

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Upfront Pricing

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365-day Guarantee

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Same day installation

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Free In-Home Estimate

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