Furnace Repairs in Lexington & Georgetown, KY

Your furnace is more than a convenient household appliance that delivers heat; it also provides safety and security against the cold Kentucky winters. At GreenBox Heating & Air, our dedicated HVAC technicians are trained and skilled in repairing all brands of furnaces to keep your family and home protected when the temperatures drop. You can count on our experts to serve the Bluegrass area with 24-hour emergency repairs, upfront pricing, and free estimates on replacement services to keep your furnace running trouble-free and efficient this cold season.

Call (859) 278-0281 or contact us online to schedule professional furnace repair services in Central Kentucky.

Emergency Furnace Repairs

There’s nothing more overwhelming than being faced with a cold home and a malfunctioning furnace in the dead of winter. Knowing where to turn when your unexpected furnace issues can be the difference between quickly restoring your home’s heating and enduring the cold for hours. At GreenBox Heating & Air, we understand that emergencies happen at all hours, so our team is available 24/7 to provide emergency furnace repairs.

Call (859) 278-0281 ASAP when you have an urgent furnace repair need in the Lexington area!

Signs Your Need Furnace Repairs

Your furnace gives lots of signs that a complete system breakdown is on the horizon. Being attuned to the repair needs of your furnace can ensure that your system gets the attention it needs to prevent early system replacements. At GreenBox Heating & Air, our expert HVAC repair technicians will gather initial information from you to learn more about the condition of your furnace.

Signs that your furnace needs repairs include:

  • Uneven heating in your home
  • Foul furnace odors
  • Difficulty powering on the unit
  • Unexplained furnace noises
  • Poor indoor air quality
  • Discolored/yellow pilot light
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Common Furnace Issues

There are common issues that lead to furnace malfunctions. These range from normal wear due to unit age to broken parts that keep your system from running efficiently. Our technicians can check your furnace to ensure all major components are working properly to deliver heating services you can count on when it matters.

Common furnace issues include:

  • Malfunctioning thermostat
  • Discolored or flickering pilot light
  • No hot air is coming from the furnace
  • Strange or unexplained sounds
  • Loose electrical wiring
  • Clogged filters
  • Short-cycling

If you’re dealing with any of these problems, call (859) 278-0281 or contact us online to schedule a repair in Scott and Fayette County.

When To Replace Instead of Repair

A poorly functioning furnace costs more to operate and provides inefficient heating for your home. Knowing when to replace your unit can save you in the long run and reduce the need for frequent repairs. Use the checklist below to see if your furnace needs to be updated for reliable and efficient operation.

Signs it’s time for a furnace update:

  • The age of your system
  • Increase energy bills
  • Uneven heating
  • Visible rust or cracks on your furnace
  • Abnormally dusty home
  • Deteriorating indoor air quality

If it’s time to upgrade to a new furnace in your Georgetown home, call (859) 278-0281 or contact us online to request a FREE estimate.

Why Choose GreenBox Heating & Air?

For over a decade, GreenBox Heating & Air has provided exceptional repair care for homes and businesses in Central Kentucky. We know that there’s no “one size fits all” solution to getting your home fitted with a dependable heating system for the cold winters. Our team works hard to keep providing affordably priced home comfort services for all your HVAC needs. When you enlist the services of a GreenBox Heating & Air professional, you’re backed by customer support and quality furnace services that see you through your repair process.

Call (859) 278-0281 or contact us online to get great customer support and quality services in Central Kentucky. We make it easy with highly trained professionals that show up when you need them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I DIY any furnace repairs?

We’ve all been there. We’ve Googled a problem, watched a couple of videos, and read the how-to guides, so we think we can attempt the repair by ourselves. However, we do NOT recommend attempting your own furnace repairs! Without the proper training, you may misdiagnose an issue, and improper repairs could cause damage to your furnace. It’s also unsafe to attempt repairs without the right tools, which could cause serious injury.

How can I prevent furnace repairs?

One of the best ways to prevent any problems with your furnace is professional maintenance services! When a trained and certified HVAC technician tunes up your furnace, they will be able to detect any warning signs and problems early. That means they can be fixed before they spiral into larger and more expensive problems.

Why GreenBox?

We pride ourselves on friendly, honest customer service
Craftsmanship Guaranteed
Craftsmanship Guaranteed

We will do what it takes to ensure your satisfaction with the quality of your installation.

24/7 Emergency Service
24/7 Emergency Service

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Upfront Pricing
Upfront Pricing

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365-day Guarantee

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Same day installation

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Free In-Home Estimate
Free In-Home Estimate

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