HEATING REPAIR in central ky

Problem with your home’s furnace or heat pump? We can help. GreenBox offers highly skilled HVAC technicians for your repair, maintenance, and installation services for your home heating system.

Check out our maintenance programs so you can avoid costly repairs down the line. 

Included in your heating 
repair services:

  • Craftsmanship guaranteed
  • Late night and weekend: Off hours/Emergency
  • Flat rate or upfront pricing
  • 20-Point Inspection, including checking all safeties and controls, inspecting ductwork, flushing condensate line, and testing for carbon monoxide.
What’s included in GreenBox’s 20-point inspection?

As part of GreenBox’s 20-point HVAC inspection, we visually inspect:

  1. Installation quality of HVAC equipment
  2. For burned or damaged wires
  3. For broken or uphill running drain lines
  4. HVAC equipment covers for proper attachment
  5. Drain pan(s) for rust/debris
  6. Refrigeration and drain line insulation
  7. HVAC location for debris around equipment
  8. Flue pipe for proper ventilation
  9. Equipment for any missing or misplaced screws
  10. Service disconnects for proper location and function
  11. Low voltage wiring for any damage
  12. The heat exchanger for any cracks or leaks
  13. Air vents for any dust or particulate accumulation
  14. Electrical connections for any improper or damaged connections
  15. For dust accumulation on blower wheel/motor (inspect belt tension)
  16. The balance of the condenser fan blade
  17. Vent clearances
  18. Equipment for the correct match on multi-part systems
  19. Equipment for any exterior damage
  20. Refrigerant lines for possible leaks or damage
What regular HVAC maintenance plans does GreenBox offer?

Club Green

  • 10% off Repairs (parts and labor)
  • Priority Service
  • 2 System checks
  • 2 Technician Visits 
  • After-Hours Diagnostic Services
  • Exclusive Offers
  • Discount on Club Blue. Save on plumbing services from Turbo Plumbing Pros.
  • Full 20-point Inspection
  • Season Cleaning

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