You can prevent plumbing emergencies. Annual inspections are the most proactive way of reducing breakdowns and emergency situations.

What We Check
  • Leaks and Corrosion:Check for leaks and corrosion in your home’s pipe system where accessible.
  • Drainage Speed: A slow drain may indicate that a clog is present.
  • Mildew: Check for any mildew buildup in your fixtures. Mildew is a health issue and can cause improper drainage and lead to a nasty smell.
  • Faucets: Check around the base of every faucet for any leakage around the valve base, or supply lines.
  • Water Pressure: Water pressure that is too high can be just as problematic as pressure that’s too low.
  • Toilets: Flush the toilet to ensure proper drainage, and check for any broken or rusted parts.
  • Water Heater: Check for leaks and corrosion and general overall condition of the water heater.
  • Washing Machine Check your washing machine hoses for cracks and leaks. Make sure they are securely connected.
  • Caulking: Check the caulking around all fixtures.
  • Showerheads: Check if sediment is collecting. The build up could affect your water pressure and cause problems over time.
Rest Easy

Have the peace of mind knowing your home’s plumbing system is being inspected annually by our certified and licensed professionals to spot issues before they become a problem.

Service You Can Trust

Each of our professionals have undergone a background check and drug testing. We pride ourselves on fixing it right the first time with quality dependable service and the best trained professionals in the industry.

At Your Beck and Call

While our annual service and inspection increases reliability and reduces the likelihood of emergency service-should you ever need us, as a member of Club Blue you will receive top priority scheduling.

Done Right Every Time

Our trusted professionals use a detailed inspection checklist to ensure nothing is overlooked. You will be provided a detailed copy of the inspection checklist upon completion, which can be compared to previous reports for changes in operation and result