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Summer Heat is Coming!

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What to do before or after your A/C stops working

As the summer heat grows in its intensity, ac units which have sat idle in the winter/spring months will be put to the test. At Greenbox Heating and Air, our goal is to help keep you cool and worry free. Our team have put together a list of recommendations for A/C maintenance and what to do if your A/C stops working.

If your A/C is working fine, here are some essential tips to keep your system in tip top shape.

  1. Schedule a tuneup. These should be performed annually and by a trained technician. They will check your indoor/outdoor coils, capacitors, compressor and refrigerant levels, as well as run an electrical systems check. (Follow our Greenbox Heating & Air Facebook page to get your $69 tuneup coupon good through 6/30/19, offered in April)
  2. Join a maintenance plan for added savings on annual tuneups. Joining annual programs help save you money and headaches over time because like car maintenance, you will be able to prevent, as well as, catch problems or issues with your system early. Call Greenbox and ask about our Care Plan Maintenance Program.
  3. Change your filters regularly. Most people are unaware or overlook this simple task since most filters are hidden out of sight in attics or basements. Therefore, out of sight, out of mind. Regular filter changes will help maintain your system over the long run and help to prevent short term issues.

If your A/C isn’t working, here are some things to check before calling a technician.

  1. Check your filters because dirty filters can slow or stop your system from working.
  2. Check your batteries in the thermostat.
  3. Check your fuse box, sometimes the circuit gets tripped or you have a blown fuse.
  4. Look for ice buildup on the system.
  5. Make sure any weeds or debris is cleaned around the outside unit.
  6. Check for loose plugs on system.

After performing your own system check and if none of these alleviate the problem, then call a technician asap. Most people are hesitant to call because of the costs associated with repair or replacement. However, often times payment plans and financing are available to consumers. At Greenbox Heating and Air, we are currently offering our “Don’t Sweat It” no payments until next summer program on new systems during the summer.

So, call Greenbox today to schedule your annual tuneup (schedule before June 30th and use the coupon below to get a 20-point tune-up for just $69 ).

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