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Moving On from R22

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Retiring a common HVAC refrigerant

The End of R22 as an HVAC Refrigerant 

On January 1, 2020, R22, a previously-common refrigerant in many air conditioning units, is being phased out completely. Due to the damage R22 can cause to the ozone layer, the hydrochlorofluorocarbon will no longer be available as an HVAC refrigerant. This means older units that run on R22 will not able to “topped off” or filled up by an HVAC repair team if the unit develops a leak. It also means consumers will have a very difficult time finding it on the open market, and what they do find will be very expensive.

System Conversion Can Be Time Consuming And Expensive

If you have an HVAC system that runs on the R22 refrigerant and is considering perhaps converting the unit to an approved refrigerant, like R-407C for instance, the cost of doing so may be more than it would replace the unit outright. Jeff Conley, GreenBox Heating and Air’s Director of Operations offers his expertise concerning unit transition and units that are leaking R22. “There are some new ‘drop-in’ replacement refrigerants out there, but the process isn’t exactly ‘drop in.’ In order to add the drop-in replacement refrigerant, the existing R22 has to be recovered and the system evacuated beforehand. While you’re going through all that trouble, you’ll need to locate and repair any leaks. This can be VERY costly by the time all is said and done.”

It’s also important to consider just how scarce and expensive R22 will become in 2020. This means any potential future leaks and refills could become a logistical mess, thanks to R22’s phased out status. Once 2020 is officially here, the only available stock will be what’s been recovered from older HVAC units.

GreenBox Heating And Air: Helping Central Kentucky Transition Away from R22

Thanks to  GreenBox Heating and Air’s flexible financing options, moving away from HVAC units that run on R22 is easier and more painless than ever before. Our team of locally licensed HVAC experts has the skills and knowledge to help make new air conditioning unit installations a breeze. You’ll also have the security knowing you won’t have to worry about using an HVAC system that runs on a refrigerant that is no longer readily available to the public. At GreenBox, we can help set you up with a new unit or install the one you’ve already purchased.

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