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How UV Lights Help You Avoid the Risk of Spreading Illnesses and Costly Hospital Visits

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UV lights can eliminate up to 99% of airborne contaminants, mold, and viruses on your HVAC drip pan and coils. This type of UV light also helps to clean and sanitize your home’s air and also reduces allergens. As many states—as well as the industry—move away from traditional ozone-based products and towards innovative carbon-based systems, consumers have been left to figure out the particular “what and why’s” of these various products labeled “Ultraviolet Light” or “UV”. 

Traditional ozone generators have been found to cause irritation and create harmful health in the lungs. Ozone oxidizers bond with matter to reduce smells in the air. Many fans of ozone love the reported “fresh as a thunderstorm smell.” However, many of those same fans have reported experiencing headaches and lung issues due to ozone generators.

In contrast, UV lights work on the light spectrum and range from infrared to ultraviolet. The germicidal uvc spectrum measures in at 250 nanometers of light on a scale of 185-400 nanometers. Because UV light waves are emitted at various wavelengths meant to eradicate or destroy fungus and neutralize viruses, they are mainly used in day to day settings such as homes, hospitals, businesses, etc. The goal of UV light usage is to create healthy lungs, both for your home and family. 

By installing a UV light and filter, you can avoid the risk of missing work, spreading illness, and going to the hospital! At GreenBox, we understand that you want to do everything you can to keep your home safe and healthy. This is why we believe every home should be equipped with a UV light and a good filter! Our UV lights inactivate over 99.9% COVID-19 virus within 0 to 2 seconds of exposure, as well as the flu, thereby, improving your health and safety.   

*Please beware of other online vendors who are selling knock off “blue lights” and claiming they kill COVID-19, but they don’t have any evidence or proof.  GreenBox’s UV lights are scientifically backed, and proven to inactivate over 99.9% Covid-19 virus within 0 to 2 seconds of exposure.*

Take back you and your loved ones health! Call GreenBox today, to get a free indoor air consultation so you can breathe easy! Schedule an appointment today.

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